The adJust FOR ME Pillow...

was created by a couple of side-sleeping Colorado moms looking for a better way to sleep.  We wanted to make a pillow that solved the most common side-sleeping problems, made with the very best materials on the planet.  After trying more pillows than we can count (seriously!) and two years of product development, we have the perfect solution for side-sleepers everywhere.

Our commitment was to create a pillow that was adJustable without compromising comfort and support.  It HAD to be natural, free from chemicals and toxins and absolutely odorless.  How many times have you bought a pillow that claimed to have "zero off-gassing" only to open the package (usually plastic, btw) and find it smells of nasty chemical processing?  Not this pillow! 

We’ve sourced the very best materials and have partnered with manufacturers right here in Colorado to create the pillow of our dreams.  


Over the last 22 years as a certified massage therapist, Sara has heard the same question hundreds of times...

"My pillow is the worst and my neck hurts - what brand do you use?"

Sadly, she didn't have a good answer (but she did have neck pain and a crappy pillow).  Now there's a solution and an answer.  As a mom, a certified pediatric sleep consultant and a crazy passionate person about sleep, she understands what's at stake when we don't sleep well.  It's her commitment to improve lives by improving sleep.  It's just that simple.  

As a health conscious parent of two awesome teens, Ashley has always valued clean, sustainable products for herself and her family.  Honestly, she (like many people) hadn't given much thought to her pillow.  She often woke with a stiff neck, having experienced restless sleep.   And, it was her assumption that this is "just how it is".  Sara, a lifelong friend since high school, suggested that she join her in the quest for the perfect pillow - while offering more sleep education and alignment based suggestions than Ashley probably wanted to hear!  Fast forward to today.  She and her husband both sleep on the adJust FOR ME pillow resulting in better overall sleep and no more neck pain!  


Ash Sara Thermop.jpg


Our commitment is to provide a supportive pillow that easily adJusts without compromising comfort.  It's natural, free from chemicals and toxins and absolutely odorless.  You value your health and so do we.  Sleep well!

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